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SLEEPforSURE Listen, Sleep and Dream.
Brainwave Music for
Deep Sleep and Dreaming.


New Track!

Cat Nap is a 45 minute power nap that takes you into deep restorative sleep, but then brings you up and out into a recharged wakefulness.

Product Details


    "As someone who has had chronic insomnia for most of my life, I’ve tried a lot of things. SLEEPforSURE has really helped. I slept like a rock!
       I have no idea how these tracks
end because I’ve never been awake to hear the ending!

  Stefan, Silverlake, Ca

   Fall Asleep Fast! Wake up Refreshed! Promotes a natural, healthy sleep cycle.

How Does it Work?    Insomnia Types?     Sleeping Pill Nation?

 Unlike Sleep-Aid medications:

can be reused over and over FOREVER!
Back it up to your iPod or home computer.
You'll always sleep great.