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Sherman couldn't hold a candle to this city in the South.

Most likely taken from the DeSoto Hilton.
Savannah looks particularly trippy during the "magic Hour"

I'll tell you what, I've met more crazy people in Savannah than I can count, and the real place is so much crazier than ever could be contained in a book or film. SCAD was founded in 1979 and in the 25 years that its been around, it has basically swallowed up Savannah and spit out a cleaner, more artistic (freaky) historic district. There isn't any mention of SCAD in the movie, and I don't think the book goes into too much detail.

I lived in a carriage house,a block from forsyth park and across the street from where the the murder in "the book" took place. I would be slowed by the ever present horde of tourists that gathered in front of Mercer House.

Click here for a Savannah Photo Tour!

I partied hard in school and I worked hard as well. Some weeks I would have 20 hours of homework per class. This was all production classes in animation or film. My final GPA at SCAD was 3.33.

Click on photo to enlarge. Me,Brad,Kev,Martin,Jon
First week of college in Oglethorpe House, SCADvannah, GA

Chopped the hair by springtime.
Photo taken when grandparents visited in spring '97.

I was also in a funk band in Savannah.

Check out more Kung Futon pics and music.


The band evolved and had many incarnations and almost as many drummers as Spinal Tap. We played live at numerous places in Savannah. We played at Wing Daddy's, Devon Michael's, Malone's, and numerous parties. We had a weekly gig at Malone's Bar and Grill every thursday for about a year! At SCAD, there are no friday classes, so thursday night is the start of the weekend!

There is a documentary and music video. E mail me for more info.

Wanna talk to me about Savannah? E-mail me!