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I majored in 2D animation and film/video at SCAD.

Here some of the animations I made while I was there.

Animation 1 Final Project.

I animated this around 1997-1998. I was interested in camera moves and matching mouth animation to the dialogue. Maybe you can see some of the Disney influence here. Mostly, I just wanted to create something that seemed filmed. I had a blast creating the soundtrack. Thanks to Emily for lending her voice.

Animation 2 Final

I wanted to animate a wrestling match between the little girl and the monkey and my professor, Disney animator Nancy Beiman said I needed to look at reference. I watch many hours of wrastling and these moves are directly based on moves done by The Undertaker, The Rock, Mick Foley, and Vince MacMahon himself.

Final Project for BFA Animation
SCAD 2001 and Digital Ink and Paint Class

This animation was created over 8 weeks.
The first 4 weeks were spent drawing and animating, and the second 4 weeks were a spent tracing the more than 1000 frames and then scanning and coloring them in digitally using Animo Ax-Cell.

I did all the voices and sound design work, utilizing some sound cues from Carl Stalling and music by Kung Futon.

If you have trouble playing them here, go to the you tube version by clicking on the image or searching Scottvfx.

More to come!

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