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Scott Hale's Web Page

Scott's Art Classes

This summer I will be teaching Beginner and Intermediate Art Classes.


Scott's Art Class Mission Statement:

Art has been part of my life since I was very young. As a small child, I was given a watercolor painting book where you paint with water on pre-pigmented pages. The water would release the colors as you painted. Even though I was not choosing the color, the control I had to push the colors around became fascinating and exciting. From my first pack of crayons to my first watercolor set, from my first matted, signed drawing, to my first stretched canvas, I have always felt a sense of pride and accomplishment in the creation of art. Art is the key hole through which I first peered in exploration of my world. It was a window through which I asked questions and expressed myself. Art also gave me the gift of my first real sense of accomplishment. I learned how to sign and matte a finished drawing and suddenly I had become an artist. That sense of accomplishment carried through to other aspects of my life where I was expected to follow through to the end. Art also gave me a focus, something to shoot for. Art is a world unto itself, through which any dream can be fulfilled. Art is the voice of culture and the reward for a hard days work. It is what brightens our lives and expresses our sorrows. Art is the expression of what separates humans from the rest of the animals.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art with a Double major in Computer Art/2D Animation, and Video/Film from The Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah Ga.


I have worked as a Graphic Designer, Motion Graphics artist, Video Editor, Visual Fx artist, and Art Instructor.

I have taught on the college level at The Expression College for Digital Art, and worked at numerous award winning Visual Effects studios. My work has appeared in Fangoria Magazine, Millimeter Magazine, and on numerous commercials, movie trailers, and dvd box art.

Art has been a driving force in my life and I am excited to share my passion, knowledge, and experience with students of any age and skill level.

Scott Hale, Summer 2007

Scott Hale's resume


Class will be once a week. I am offering:

Drawing 1 & Painting 1

Send me an email to sign up.

Classed are 2 hours and the cost is $30 per student.
Basic art supplies will be provided, but additional supplies may be helpful.

Class is filling up fast so send me an email to sign up!