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Los Angeles

I'm telling you that most of that smog is dust or other environmental factors, it was clear here yesterday.

Sure it was.

A view of Griffith Park Observitory, downtown L.A.

Stefan and Marianne decided that they would give me a shot to work on from the movie. It was the Ghost Boy's first appearance. Stefan had a pre-visualization shot for me to look at and he said what ever you want to do, go for it. I was very excited because this was my first "real" film and if I did good then Stefan said he would put it in the movie.

I went to a Tool Concert that week and the striking, grotesque animations influenced me I'm sure. When I approached the Ghost Boy, I wanted to make him look old and rotten. Like he had pruney skin and vericose veins. I thought the contrast of this on a young face would be scarey, and I was right. I set up a composite in photoshop based on a still frame. I hand drew wrinkles and veins and scanned them into the computer. I used the drawings to effect the lights and darks of the kids face.

Click image for "The Ghosts of Edendale" webpage.
Click on the Behind the Scenes section to learn the method behind the madness.

When I took it to Stefan and Marianne they loved it. I think they were surprised at the artistic hand drawn look rather than a cg look. Because they dug that look, I translated that look to other shots in the film and went on to become visual effects supervisor.

I learned so much about film making and everything else with Marianne and Stefan. I really owe them alot for taking me under their wing. I had dinner with them practically every night during the post process.

My year in L.A. was full of good times and good people.