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Bob's special "Fairfield style" steamed artichokes

The quality of the artichoke will make all the difference.
Try a farmers market or Whole Foods and get one that has full fat leaves not shriveled or split ones.

Bob grew up on a produce farm in Fairfield, so you can bet he knows how to make a great steamed artichoke.

One large artichoke contains only 25 calories!!
Virtually 100 percent of all artichokes grown commercially in the U.S. are grown in California.

You want to cut off most of stem and wash. Place artichoke in a pan standing in about an inch of water. Cut the stem evenly so it can stand up out of the water. You can sprinkle seasonings like salt or pepper. Try soy sauce or old bay! Sprinkle seasonings on artichoke and in the water. Then steam for about 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, try to pull a leaf out, if it's done, the leaf should come out easily. It should be tender. Some artichokes will take longer and dont worry about over steaming them as long as you keep adding more water.

As for dip, I like mayonnaise. Also try sour cream (with just a bit of horseradish) It is quite tasty!


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