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Scott Hale's Web Page


Indie Mock Dock currently in Post Production

Check out the Xtraterrestrials Xposed Movie Blog!

Scott Hall is an Extraterrestrial Investigator who is out to prove the existence of aliens on planet Earth. I am posting the film now and filming interviews and pickup shots. The film has become more than I ever expected. Contact me for a V.I.P. screening.

Check out the publicity stills! Stay tuned for more!!

Pink Man Rides in style but had time to chat.
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Robin Lim

Scott Hale

Robert Vignone

John F. McGrew

Michael E. Burgess

Blanca Garcia

Adam Kuster

Michael Zivick

Clear Menser

Jim Brown

Geoff Sumner

Byron Lambie

Diane Rooney

Mike Reed

Andrew Gardner

James Kamp

Patricia Simmons


With appearances by "The Pink Man", "Mr. Hate" and X Talk Street Interviews.

Special thanks to Dustin Moon and Michael Coleman for jumping in as additional camera operators, stunt drivers, and cameo appearances.

The producion of X2 has been amazing. The cast, crew, and people on the street were great and we all will have something to enjoy. I will be creating a newsletter to update cast, crew, and fans as the film nears completion.

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