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Jnana Yoga

Jnana Yoga, also called Gyana, it is the path of right knowledge, reaching the ultimate truth through cessation of mental modification by negation.

The path of right knowledge or Jnana Yoga means focusing on what is never changing as opposed to the illusions of Maya, which is ever changing. That includes the Ego or false self-identification and Jnana Yoga continually questions reality by finding "not this, not that".

Knowledge of the right and insight into the proper means of realizing the right in daily existence, are two essential attributes of Jnana yoga. Jnana yoga is not liberation. One knows that the blocks that cloud the mind can be removed, that cosmic consciousness is an attainable goal. Jnana yoga is awareness, not realization.

Jnana Yoga is the understanding of the laws of existence and the awareness of a means to synchronize with them. In Jnana Yoga one ceases to be attached to forms of expression and becomes drawn to the essence, the process of insight. The cause of bondage is maya. The cause of liberation from maya to bliss is jnana.

So long as the player identifies himself as an individual, independent being, he has karmas. And this is the cause of bondage. Jnana Yoga makes it clear that by reducing the scope and area of karma one can begin to establish oneself in bliss. This is insight into the game itself.