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Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga The path of selfless action.

Karma yoga basically consists of entirely selfless service, in which the Ego is given up to the desire to serve God in every thing, be it man, animal or plant.

Karma Yoga is also the path of doing the right thing, of following ones' personal Dharma and accepting destiny as it comes. If the Karma Yogi is a householder, he will accept that role as much as he would accept the role of a servant to any in need, without seeking any remuneration in the shape of wealth, satisfaction, name or fame.

Karma means action, including all acts done by the individual from birth to death. One who is not attached to his actions and performs actions because they are unavoidable, performs karma with a disinterested interest and does not adopt wrong means.

Karma performed by right means does not harm anybody and is in accordance with the law of dharma. That is karma yoga.